Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tulle Pearls and Ribbons

Loving the designs of Ida Sjöstedt from Stockholm, Sweden. With plenty of tulle lace netting and frills, I couldn't want anything more, simply perfect. Feeling very inspired to have a go at making something.... maybe a skirt to start with that might be a little easier then a ball gown?

I think a visit to a fabric store might be needed I have an urge to make my own clothes at the moment. Christian gave me an over locker for my Christmas present which hasn't been out of it's box because of the lack of time in my world at the moment, what with all the trade shows.

A stack of patterns just waiting for me to have a go! I ordered these at the end of last year and they have been staring at me in my work room. Need to just pick one and find some scrumptious fabric......decisions decisions!


Fabulously french said...

Fabulous dresses - so pretty and girly!

Leeann x

A Melbourne Girl said...

Great patterns Karen! Get sewing. Are there many fabric stores in London? I was looking around for some when I was there a few years ago and couldn't find any.